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good quality. In the end, either the demand will be cut or the prices ▓will be lifted in the U.S. market.""The two choices will either impact the su▓pply chain or let consumers take the consequences. Both are terrible results.""The U.S. clients have already told us they would adjust the prices," said an executive of an equipment manufacturing firm with exports to the U.S. in Guangdong.Dongguan Excel Industrial Co. Ltd, another company in the province, is affected by the U▓.S. list of Ch

inese products for additional tariffs. The company's two major U.S. clients hold a wait-and-see attitude."One client believes the prices will inevitably hiked, which will lead to the f

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said an executive of one of the s

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all of consumption demand, ▓while the other also considers cutting the types of products on the market," accord▓ing to Wu Tianwen, chairman of the company."It is nothing good. None of Chinese and American companies or consumers will benefit [from the dispute]."China's Ministry of Commerce warned the U.S.-initiated trade war will hamper global economic recovery and trigger global market turmoil while dealing a blow to many multinationals, enterprises and ordinary consumers.Recent U.S. protectionist measures have also triggered opposition and counter measure

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rade Organization Friday over tariffs formally implemented by the

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